just as much fun, just not as fast!

Zumba Gold Classes Windlesham and Lightwater

The program was designed for the older active adult, a person who hasn't been exercising in a long time or individuals who may be limited physically. Zumba® Gold utilises the same great Latin styles of music and dance as used in Zumba® fitness program - it's innovative, fun and exciting! The music, the steps, the moves, the class, the feel...  are all like no other. So if you are looking for all the fun and atmosphere of Zumba®, but at a lower pace and lower impact...... then Zumba® Gold is for you.

Why choose Zumba® Gold?

Maybe you have limited mobility, have not exercised in a long time (or ever!), or are an active older aldult. The Zumba® Gold program takes these issues into consideration and strives to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart.

If you are worried about the high impact of Zumba® or just want a basic course in the steps, then Zumba® Gold may be good starting point.

As with Zumba®, anyone can do it whether you are male or female, young, old, or in-between - everyone has their own style and can go at their own pace to get the job done. Experience with dance is not required. Moves in class are broken down in a slow and manageable manner. What's important is to have fun, enjoy the energy of the environment and great music and know that you are improving your fitness AND having a ball!

Seated Zumba® for Limited Mobility

Zumba® Gold also accommodates a seated workout if required. More details

What do I need?

You can wear any type of fitness clothes - preferably comfortable and cool.  Trainers or dance fitness trainers with spin spots are ideal. Whichever you choose make sure they are comfortable and provide good support.

A small towel and plenty of water - it's important to keep hydrated during and after the class.